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Staff Team Reform 10/10/17

Written by
Carter Ⓡ
Hello community members, as of 10/10/17 there will be some changes being made to the staff team and their roles and responsibilities. Below you will find the new roles, what they are replacing, their responsibilities, and their goals.

Starting from the bottom we have Community Helpers; The only rank receiving minimal changes, as before, new staff members will start at this position and deal with day-to-day things like white-listing and answering general questions community members or soon to be community members have. This allows time to be freed up for other roles to do other things, while also letting the upper administration see which staff members are dedicated and driven enough to be promoted.

Next up we have Lore-Masters; A new rank along with Media Team, that replaces moderator level 1 & 2, the job of a Lore-Master is to make changes and add to the lore as well as come up with new, fun, and organic RP events for the server to enjoy. The Lore-Masters will be headed up and supervised by a soon to be appointed Administrator (admin) or Senior Administrator.

Also being added and equal to the rank of Lore-Master, we have the Media-Team; The Media Team is a new section of staff dedicated to marketing, advertising, entertaining, and expressin the community through cool videos, photos, and advertisements designed to hook in new players and keep our current base entertained. The Media Team will be headed up and supervised by a soon to be appointed Administrator (admin) or Senior Administrator.

Following we have the Moderator; the rank that is learning the ropes to become an Admin. This rank is the third highest rank, and will be accompanied by an Admin when handling cases to teach and show the Moderator what to do and answer any questions he/she may have. Overall, this rank bridges the gap between Media-Team/ Loremaster and Administrator.

Second to last, we have the Administrators; Administrators are the designated roles for staff members that deal with reports, bans, and other logistics like heading up one of the two previous sections of staff. Administrators are also responsible for filling the roles of those below them when an absence occurs, if a Community Helper is unable to come in that day, an Administrator will fill his role until he returns. Administrators are higher up on the chain of command than the previous roles although due to the unique nature of the staff setup, most of the time, only the head Administrator of the Lore-Master or Media Team will be supervising or telling them what to do.

Lastly, we have Senior Administrator; Senior Administrators perform the same role as regular  Administrators but are simply higher up on the chain of command and generally have more experience than their counter-parts (Administrators). Senior Administrators are there to answer any questions the Administrators may have and are there to mediate disputes between staff members as well as hand out final rulings on a case if need be.

Well, now that these roles are official and are in-effect, we look forward to a more organized staff team, hopefully making the experience for the community better. That being said, those who are going to be put in these positions are still being determined but will be placed in their respective areas shortly. Thank you all for reading :)

Welcome Survivors

Written by
Mick Boom
Welcome to BrainDeadRP - a DayZ Role-Playing Community

Brain-DeadRP strives to captivate good role-play and enjoyable experiences in and out-of-game, here on BrainDead we dedicate ourselves to the idea of pure and organic RP. Our community is not only better than other role-playing communities, but also a more mellow and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy. We, the BrainDead community, try our hardest to utilize all game mechanics and stand out from public servers as well as other RP communities . On our server, we have an active staff team dedicated to enforcing our server rules and delivering the best possible role-play experience. I, Mick Boom, the owner of BrainDeadRP, on behalf of the staff team, vow to try our hardest to give you the most extraordinary time possible on our community and server. On behalf of the entire BrainDeadRP community, I thank you for joining us.

P.S be safe out there survivors good luck...